You’re not alone: Sporting KC players and area
students share their thoughts on bullying

Being bullied, or constantly picked on doesn’t feel good. It can feel isolating, lonely, confusing and awful. Unfortunately, kids all around Kansas City have experienced bullying and cyberbullying. But, they aren’t alone. Sporting Kansas City players recently sat down with Nate Bukaty, the television and radio play-by- play voice of Sporting KC, and a few local students to talk about bullying and how they too, have experienced bullying and how they overcame it.

Ilie Sanchez, Midfielder and BJ

Tim Melia, Goalkeeper and Jackson

Graham Zusi, Defender and Joscelyn

Graham Zusi, Defender and Zachary

Banneker Elementary's Bully Awareness Spirit Week during virtual class
Ilie Sanchez, Midfielder and BJ