“In school we are aware of bullying, the harm it does to our students and the challenges our teachers and principals face trying to resolve, stop and prevent bullying. The hard part is that for years, we have felt alone on an island. Working alone to try to solve a problem that while does exist in our buildings, does not stay in our buildings. Red Card KC gave us a new partner. A partner who is saying that bullying demands the focus of the community, state, and nation. The support of yes educators, but also medical professionals, members of the community and even athletes that our students look up to and admire. The best part of our Red Card KC partnership is not the posters, assemblies and support of our student groups, although we truly appreciate this support and look forward to seeing it continue, no, the best part is no longer feeling alone. Feeling that there is finally someone else who wants to change the culture of bullying, and take it beyond, just a school issue. With more partners like Red Card KC, like Children’s Mercy and Sporting KC, we will finally be able to change the pattern of bullying, and help all our students feel welcomed, comfortable and loved.”

Sean DeMaree

Assistant Principal, Carl B. Bruce Middle School

“Even though our students are in elementary school, I like to have clear, direct conversations with them. I liked that RED CARD clearly defined bullying for them and used real-life examples they could see themselves in.”

Monique Young

Counselor, Banneker Elementary School

Take the Pledge

Kids, coaches, parents, teachers, friends and relatives. Bullying is everyone’s problem, and if we want it to stop, we can’t look the other way. We have to be willing to “Call it when we see it.”