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Ilie Sanchez, Midfielder and BJ

You're Not Alone

Being bullied, or constantly picked on doesn’t feel good. It can feel isolating, lonely, confusing and awful. Unfortunately, kids all around Kansas City have experienced bullying and cyberbullying. But, they aren’t alone. Sporting Kansas City players recently sat down with Nate Bukaty, the television and radio play-by- play voice of Sporting KC, and a few local students to talk about bullying and how they too, have experienced bullying and how they overcame it.

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Banneker Elementary's teachers and staff dressed in Red Card shirts during Bully Awareness Spirit Week

Banneker Elementary Case Study

According to Banneker Elementary School Counselor Monique Young, conflicts and cyberbullying had become disruptive in many classrooms, threatening the learning environment. Banneker had not implemented an anti-bullying campaign because many other programs didn’t seem to be culturally appropriate for the school’s inner-city student population and didn’t reflect students’ experiences.

Though classes became virtual in March 2020, bullying did not stop. When the Fall 2020 semester began, Monique recognized the need for an anti-bullying campaign still existed and connected with Red Card to implement the campaign.

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Lexi Martin, a teenage girl, holding a Red Card to stop bullying

Lexi Martin

Strong. Confident. Defiant. One look at 18-year-old Lexi Martin, and it’s clear her, “Don’t mess with me,” attitude has been forged from years of experience, experience dealing with kids who picked on her because they thought she was “different.”

“But we’re all different,” Lexi said. “That’s what makes us who we are.”

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Take the Pledge

Kids, coaches, parents, teachers, friends and relatives. Bullying is everyone’s problem, and if we want it to stop, we can’t look the other way. We have to be willing to “Call it when we see it.”